Cardone is an award winning entertainer that works as a full-time Magician, Escape Artist, and as a Ventriloquist for celebrity, private, and corporate functions. He has performed over 2500 shows and is the first man to perform the deadly Milk Can Escape at Coney Island USA. Cardone was inducted in the prestigious  "Order of Merlin" from the International Brotherhood of Magicians and is a graduate from The Maher Course in Ventriloquism and Carnegie Mellon University. With his unique personality,  years of experience and his knowledge and understanding of the magical arts, he can dazzle and delight an audience from 10 to 10,000, any age, anywhere on earth. Look what some people have to say...


Cardone’s classic training as an actor helps the ‘show’ in ‘Magic Show’. His performance goes beyond the traditional boundaries of a magic act.
— Tom O'Horgan- Director, Broadway's "Hair" and "Jesus Chist Superstar"
I really like that “voice throwing” thing you do!
— Ace Frehley- Lead guitar player, KISS
A spellbinding celebration of the strange, macabre and then the ghosts come to life
— New York Daily News
Wonderful and Strange
— Louise Bourgeois- Artist
Something about all the danger and death ended up affirming my life. I was inspired and deeply entertained. 10 out of 10! But consider yourself warned: Cardone is intensely good
— Andrew W.K.- Rock Star
Cardone is ON and you don’t want to turn him off because every moment is a magical joy
— Tom Savini- Special effects master, director and living legend